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Benro GHA GH series gimbal head with quick release plate PL85

Model No (GH series)
Qty.Range Price(per unit)
1 +    $202.99
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  • Weight0.47kg
  • Max Load15kg
  • LxBxL136x51x221mm
  • Quick Release PlatePL85
  • Base DiameterΦ50mm
When you shoot the sports or flying birds with 300mm f/2.8 lens(or heavier lenses),will you feel it’s too heavy and not balanced? Or when you use fluid video head or ballhead to support these big lenses, especially when you adjust the shooting angel, will you feel the head is not stable, the center of the gravity is not different? To solve above problems, Benro developes a series of Gimbal head for the bird/sport photographers. When shooting sports or birds, you will feel that the operation is very smooth and better than other heads. It’s made of high quality aluminium and its arm is comfortable for griping, what’s more, the quickly locking system make sure the setups be stable so that we can get all nature pose of the birds. It’s really a necessary for dynamic photographer and bird photographer.

Benro Gimbal heads are made of high quality aluminium and its arm is comfortable for griping. With this head, you can easily operate the heavy lenses, it allows you to rotate your lens around its center of gravity and thus easily manipulate very large lenses, even when you loosen the ballhead, the lens is still balanced.

Gimbal Head GHA: lightweight, easy to carry and pack, you can fix the GH-A on a normal ballhead in a seconds to allow the lens rotating or moving up and down, remove the GH-A, and your ballhead is ready to use with smaller lenses. GH-A is compatible with international-style QR system and Benro PL Series special lens plate would be your best choice.

If you have one ballhead with international clamp, GH-A will be your perfect choice, reasonable price, small and easy for carrying. As we can guess from the model name, GH-A is an arm, it has to be used with a ballhead. It can be transfered to a gimbal head with a ballhead. GH-S has a built-in International style quick-release clamp. In order to use the head, your lens must be equipped with an International style lens plate(Benro PL Series).

For fit lenses: Small or Middle lenses(ensure between 300mm-500mm)

Note:Please hold the lenses when locking/loosening the clamp in case of dropping.

The tilt knob

The tilt knob is used to adjusting the vertical rotation direction of the GH-A quick release clamp. Tighten the quick release clamp by locking the tilt knob in clockwise direction, loosen the quick release clamp by loosening the kilt knob in counter-clockwise direction.

How to attach the GH-A

The GH-A must be fixed to a ballhead with an Arca-style quick release. Keep the quick shoe of the ballhead upright and then loosen its quick release knob, slide the GH-A into the quick release of your ballhead and lock the knob.

There are two protuberant sides at top of GH-A quick release plate, which could make us easily slide the GH-A to the ballhead.

GH-A quick release plate is universal, it’s compatible with all international standards employed by manufacturers of Arca-style QR mounts.


Benro GHA
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