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About BenroStore.com

BENRO PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO, .LTD. located in Tanzhou town, Zhongshan city of South Guangdong province, which is the most developed light industrial area in China. It is predominantly location next to Zhuhai city, about 12 km away from Macao and only one hour away from Hong Kong.

The company was founded in 1996, and in cooperation with a Japanese enterprise, we manufacture professional photographic tripod. In 2002, Benro developed its own brand and started to market the product line under the name Benro Professional Tripods and Heads. In vesting in modern tooling, precision machining and a highly trained design/engineering team, Benro continuously enhances their products. Because of our commitment to quality and performance, Benro has become one of the best-known brands in China and a shining star in foreign markets. In 2005, Benro started planning to build a much larger factory, and registered BENRO PRECISION PHOTOGRAPHY INDUSTRY (HONG KONG) CO., LTD. The company has become a large-scale manufacturer in producing professional tripods and heads in our 30000m2 factory and 35000m2 production facility.

Presently, BENRO has earned a good reputation amongst professional photographers worldwide for the best quality, performance and value, and Chinese famous Photographer’s Companion 2005 Awarded Benro with “The most influencial imaging product”. As BENRO continues its sales success worldwide, it has also become the first choice for photographers in China. In Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, BENRO is also becoming the leading choice for professional tripods.

Benro has received many prestigious awards, amongst these is the Chinese government presented “Quality and Reputation” awarded to popular brand products that demonstrate the highest quality and reputation in China. Regardless of its honorable government recognition, Benro strives for continuous product improvement, innovative design and commitment to the needs of photographers.

In 2004, Benro was granted three patents in China for their innovative KS and KB series ball head designs. The KS and KB series ball heads offered the quality and performance of higher priced competitive brands at a reasonable price. The popularity of these ball heads has extended beyond China and into many worldwide markets. In 2005, in cooperation with environment protection agency, BENRO has developed the first basalt carbon tripod in China, once again demonstration Benro’s innovative and international enterprising abilities.

Benro continues to strive for lighter weight, ultimate strength, perfect performance, award winning product support, and is commitment to filling the needs of the most demanding professional photographers in the world. Frequently meeting with several famous photographers worldwide, such as Yuyuntian, Lishaobai, Yangdazhou, Wangjianjun and Guojianshe, Benro designs and engineers photographic products for photographers by photographers. Benro’s mission statement is simple, 100% professional, 100% guaranteed and exceed the demands of the photographer 100%.